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Abstract Submission
Abstract Acceptance Notification

An email will be sent to the presenting authors of all abstracts submitted for ASV 2016 during the week of March 21st which will inform them that their abstract has been reviewed and assigned for presentation at the meeting. During early April, another email will be sent to the first authors which will inform them of their presentation assignment (oral or poster), including date, workshop session, and time for oral presentations and date and session for poster presentations.

If there are any questions regarding abstract presentations, please contact


As a direct consequence of the Zika virus outbreak, the ASV Program Committee will add 1-2 oral workshop sessions and a poster session dedicated to late-breaking abstracts on Zika virus at the meeting in June 2016.

The special abstract deadline for Zika virus posters or oral presentation at the Workshop is midnight EST, Monday May 16, 2016. Because of the tight deadline, this new Zika Workshop and its abstracts will be put into the electronic program App after it is distributed to ASV members (and thus will not be in the pdf version of the program). We anticipate being able to enter the Zika oral abstracts into the App before the meeting begins. Please note these Zika abstracts should NOT be submitted through the VaTech/FASEB website, but instead should be emailed directly to both the Program Committee Chair and Vice-Chair:          

Kathy Spindler
Stacey Schultz-Cherry  

The abstract format is indicated below.

We encourage you to spread the word to other researchers in the Zika virus field who might not be aware of these newly added sessions at the 2016 ASV meeting!



Firstname Lastname1, Firstname Lastname2, and Firstname Lastname1;
1Virginia Tech; 2University of Michigan

Text of abstract (300 word max) in 11 point Times Roman font

The first author listed must be the one who will present the abstract. List affiliations for all authors.

Carefully proofread your abstract for errors!
The maximum number of words for the abstract text is 300.

Abstract Title: The title should be concise and informative. Avoid superfluous words such as "preliminary studies on" etc.

Abstract Deadline: The deadline for receipt of all electronic abstracts is 11:59 pm, Monday, February 1, 2016. Abstracts received after this date will NOT be included in the electronic Scientific Abstract & Program Book or scheduled for presentation.

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ASV Members with current full-member status are invited to submit or sponsor scientific abstracts for workshop and poster sessions at the annual meeting. A current full-member is one who has received notification of his/her election to the Society and whose payment of the 2016 membership dues has been received by the ASV Secretary-Treasurer’s office. Payment of dues must be up-to-date to maintain current member status. To verify your membership status, contact the office of the ASV Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothea L. Sawicki, at Tel: 419-383-5173; Fax: 419-383-2881; email:

Non-Members, Associate Members, and Student Members may submit an abstract to the annual meeting ONLY if a current full-member of ASV sponsors the abstract. Please note that new full members must have received confirmation of their full membership from the ASV Secretary-Treasurer's office and paid the 2016 membership dues before sponsoring an abstract. Non-members wishing to apply for membership in the ASV may submit the online membership application form available on the ASV website at

Selection of Abstracts for Workshops: All abstracts will be reviewed by scientific leaders in the field of the "#1 Topic Preference" which is to be designated by the presenter on the abstract form. Due to the large number of oral presentation requests, some requests may be assigned to the "#2 Topic Preference" for workshop presentation or assigned to a poster session. View topic list.

Selection of Abstracts for Posters: Every effort will be made to assign poster abstracts to the poster session of the "#1 Topic Preference." ASV poster sessions are well attended and afford a special opportunity to present and discuss detailed data with a large number of meeting participants. When considering whether to present a poster, it should be appreciated that some research of excellent quality is best displayed as a poster, especially if complex sequence analyses, large data tables, or elaborate figures are required. Also, authors with limited English skills may consider presenting a poster that will allow their research findings to be better understood and discussed. View topic list.

Workshop Presentations: EACH MEETING PARTICIPANT MAY MAKE ONLY ONE WORKSHOP PRESENTATION. Oral presentations are limited to 12 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for discussion. PCs and projection units supporting VGA will be available at each workshop site for PowerPoint presentations. All workshop PCs will be loaded with Windows XP or higher and the 2010 version of PowerPoint. Computer full-motion video will be supported (.mpg, .mov, .wav, or .avi format). We strongly recommend that your presentation be developed in PowerPoint using system standard fonts or a compatible version (e.g. Mac PowerPoint for OSX). Please note that speakers will see the same version of PowerPoint on their monitor as on the screen; there is no capacity to view PowerPoint notes during the presentation.

NOTICE: Those making oral presentations during the meeting must bring their lecture on a flash drive (USB) and take it to the Speaker Ready Room in Torgersen 1080 in order for your presentation to be loaded. Please note all computers (PCs) are provided in the meeting rooms. No personal computers can be used.

All Symposia speakers will load their presentations in the Moss Arts Center.

Poster Sessions: Authors scheduled in poster sessions will be assigned a poster board space for display of illustrative materials such as text, graphs, charts, and tables. The maximum outside dimension of each poster, including the title, must not exceed 4 ft x 4 ft (120 cm x 120 cm). Information presented on posters should be readable at a distance of 3 ft. Poster board fasteners will be provided at the meeting. Authors must be present at their posters during the entire length of their assigned poster session (4:00 pm to 6:00 pm).

NOTICE: Poster presenters must bring their posters with them to the meeting. Virginia Tech cannot accept shipment of posters, nor accommodate printing of posters on-site. Poster presenters will need to remove their poster at the end of the poster session. Posters not removed at the end of the session will be disposed of, as Virginia Tech will not be responsible for storing posters.

There are several local businesses that may assist you with printing your poster on-site. Attendees should contact selected vendor to make arrangements to have poster printed. Advance notice is requested.

Terry Lawrence
(540) 239-6292
Business Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

A-1 Copies and Sign Center
(540) 552-2008
Business Hours:
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Saturday)

Sign Spot
(540) 961-7768
Business Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

Electronic Abstracts and Program: The ASV Scientific Abstracts & Program will be in an electronic format. The online program (including abstracts) will be fully searchable (in sections and in total) and printable. It will be available to all current ASV members in good standing (2016 dues must be paid no later than May 17th) and to registered non-members at least one month before the meeting, although updates will continue until the meeting begins. Access to the electronic Scientific Abstracts & Program will be provided to other non-members as they register prior to the meeting or on site. There will also be an improved online itinerary planner and mobile app for use in advance of, and during, the meeting to plan your itinerary.


Information presented at the ASV annual meeting or contained in the electronic Scientific Abstracts & Program or presented online should NOT be cited as a publication. This material can be cited as a personal communication only after consent of the senior author has been obtained.

After submission of an abstract, ASV cannot suppress or edit an abstract’s content for the purpose of protecting patent rights. Authors should take into consideration the dates for online distribution of abstracts in the electronic ASV Scientific Abstracts & Program when submitting their abstracts.

Authors are only allowed to distribute or post on their own websites the title and authors of their abstract(s) once the electronic Scientific Abstracts & Program has been provided to current ASV members and registered meeting participants.


Electronic Submission: All abstracts for the ASV 2016 Annual Meeting must be submitted electronically to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) for processing, evaluation and inclusion in the ASV 2016 Scientific Abstracts & Program. Complete instructions for electronic submission protocols are provided on the FASEB website. To address problems with electronic submission of abstracts, please contact the FASEB Webmaster far in advance of the submission deadline via email at or telephone 301-634-7045 or 301-634-7042.

Abstract Deadline: The deadline for receipt of all electronic abstracts is 11:59 pm, Monday, February 1, 2016. Abstracts received after this date will NOT be included in the electronic Scientific Abstract & Program Book or scheduled for presentation.

Abstract Presentation Preference: Check the "Presentation Preference" box on the abstract form to indicate whether you wish to present in a workshop or poster session.

Every attempt will be made to honor your presentation preference. However, because of the large number of abstracts, not all oral presentations can be accommodated. Listed below are the workshop topics you may choose from when submitting your abstract:


Antiviral therapies
Caliciviruses and Astroviruses
Coronaviruses and Arteriviruses
DNA Tumor Viruses
DNA Viruses: Replication and Gene Expression
Emerging Viruses
Hepatitis Viruses
Invertebrate Viruses
Oncolytic Viruses and Gene Therapy
Paramyxoviruses and Bornaviruses
Parvoviruses and Circoviruses
Plant Viruses

Top ^

Reoviruses and Birnaviruses
RNA Interference and MicroRNAs
RNA Viruses: Replication and Gene Expression
Vaccines and Viral Vectors
Viral Epidemiology
Viral Evolution and Ecology
Viral Receptors and Entry
Viral Structure and Assembly
Virology Education
Virus - Host Interactions: DNA viruses
Virus - Host Interactions: Negative Strand RNA Viruses
Virus - Host Interactions: Positive Strand RNA Viruses
Viruses and Innate & Acquired Immunity
Viruses of Microbes

Because withdrawal of an abstract disrupts the continuity of the program DO NOT request a workshop presentation unless you are CERTAIN that you or a co-author will present the paper at the meeting.

If an emergency arises and you must withdraw your abstract (and a co-author is unable to make the presentation in your place), you must notify the office of the ASV Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Dorothea Sawicki, via email at or by telephone at 419-383-5173.

IMPORTANT: Presenters will be required to report to the Speaker-Ready Room at Torgersen Room 1080 a minimum of 3 hours prior to the start of their session with their PowerPoint presentation saved on a USB Flash Drive. At that time, speakers MUST preview their presentations which will be downloaded onto the workshop PC. The plenary symposium speakers should arrive at the Moss Arts Center at least 15 minutes prior to the morning symposia to upload their presentation to the computer. Use of personal laptops for workshop presentations will NOT be allowed. No overhead projectors or slide projectors will be available. Questions regarding audio-visual arrangements may be directed to Dr. X.J. Meng ( or Dr. Zach N. Adelman (

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